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RE: [ga] Proposed GA Adcom

I agree with Bret: what is badly needed is a vehicle to convey GA feelings,
comments and suggestions into NC, not the reverse.
Therefore, make the GA Chair an ex-officio non-voting member of the NC.

I agree with Amadeu that we need a GA Chair, but not with some of the rest
of the post.

I agree with Randy Bush when he asks for a 5-element Adcom.

I believe that the proposal from Vany, while it looks good, is probably
unnecessarily complicated in practice.

Therefore I suggest (back to the original proposal from Nii), a 5-member
AdCom, formed by the GA Chair + 4 coming from the other regions.
A vice-Chair can be nominated by the AdCom among the 4 non-GA-Chair members
of the AdCom.

Of course, the GA Chair position is incompatible with NC rep, but the other
4 positions in the AdCom are not.