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Re: [council] Re: [ga] Meeting Schedule of General Assembly in Los Angeles on November 2

A quick comment, there are 2 basic reasons why "option 2"
was not feasible.

1.  There was not enough time on Monday and Tuesday to
have all the meetings - and allocate an entire half day to
Working Groups.  Unfortunately, there are only 2 days
of the week available before the ICANN BoD meetings start.
The Names Council agreed, that we should meet before
the ICANN board, not after.

2.  The Working Groups should decide themselves whether
or not they will meet.  For example, WGA has finished its
report and will not meet.  WGD will meet.  The Names Council
should not dictate that the WG must meet - although optimally
we should provide a time slot, a place, and announce when they
will meet so that anyone can attend to observe or participate.

Since many of us are coming to LA (from great distances) just
for these meetings, I don't see an alternative to meetings that
go after 5:00pm...

Younjung Park wrote:

> Here is the decision just made in the Names Council Teleconference,
> ==========================================================================
>    Monday Morning IANA ccTLD Manager Meeting/ Each Constitiency Meeting
>    Monday Afternoon Each Constituency Meeting
>    Tuesday Morning for GA
>    Tuesday Afternoon for Names Council
>    Wednesday ICANN Public Meeting
>    Thursday The whole day of Board Meeting(Open/Observed)
>    Newly-elected 19 Board members will review on the ICANN vs NSI vs DoC
>    Contract.
> ==========================================================================
> Therefore, the most likey reached consensus, option 2, among the GA
> on the LA WGs and General Assembly seem crushed at this moment.
> Instead, WGs are going to be put under evening of Monday, Tuesday, even
> Wednesday for each WG meetings.

> As far as my observations on the ICANN meetings so far, people usually have a
> social dinner or informal meeting with people in the evening to reach real
> consensus.(?)

Actually I had proposed a NC dinner on Monday night as a get
to know each other relaxed session so that I could meet
those NC members I have never talked to face to face.  I don't
plan to do any Japanese style pre-meeting consensus building...
Just have a few drinks :-)

See you all in LA


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_/_/_/Director and General Manager
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