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Re: [ga] Meeting Schedule of General Assembly in Los Angeles on November 2

Ellen Rony wrote:
> >
> >Here is the decision just made in the Names Council Teleconference,
> >>
> >   Thursday The whole day of Board Meeting(Open/Observed)
> >   Newly-elected 19 Board members will review on the ICANN vs NSI vs DoC
> >   Contract.
> >==========================================================================
> Perhaps I have missed something, but how can the  newly elected ICANN board
> members devote sufficient time to the DOC/NSI/ICANN contract in less than
> 12 hours to give it a credible review.
> While we assume that all nominees are already examining the draft
> documents, nonetheless, if they are to engage in any meaningful discussion
> with the unelected directors, I think they would have to be on board for
> longer than 1/2 of a day.

Since these agreements are, as all previous ones have been, a fait
accompli with no input from other stakeholders, the Internet
community, or the users, their ratification by the board, even the
expanded board, is just a formality.

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