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Re: [ga] Proposed GA Adcom

Hi to all:

> "Dr. Nii N. Quaynor" wrote:
> > 
> > Dear All,
> > 
> > It has been suggested that in order to improve the identification of agenda
> > items for GA meetings and managing consensus building, an Adcom for the GA
> > be established. The proposal is to include a person from each region.
> > 
> > Please advise,
> > 
> > 1.  how to make this work appropriately
While Amadeu says that is not necesary an Administration Comittee for GA,
just four persons, I am agree with Randy about the fact that still exists
five regions and this fact cannot be ignored when a structure of this kind
is proposed.  

A Proposal:  Instead of one GA Chair by year, 5 GA Chairs, serving in
different terms of the same year, and these people can form the AdCom.

> > 2. an acceptable method (volunteer program) to determine the helpers of the
> > GA.
How can be elected this GA Chair?  Well, this function can be rotated
during the year in five terms: every term is the turn of a GA Chair of a
different region.  How elect the order of these GA Chair will serve?  By
"straw"! Who takes the
shortest straw begins first...when the term of the first ends, the again
the "straw" method (but the regions that served already cannot again be in
this roung) and the region elected will serve as GA Chair, and so

Volunteering:  well, someone has to make the calling for volunteers.
After nominations, secundations, or whatever process GA decides, GA
elects from the list of volunteers
the five names of the five regions they wish to see in the GA AdCom.
Then the five people of the five regions more voted will form such AdCom.
Also alternates may be desirable.

> What the GA needs is most probalby a permanent GA Chair (as provided
> by the Bylaws; ne year), plus an adhoc cochair for each phisical
> meeting (and probably two, sometimes). A co-chair form NC in order to
> make sure coordination within DNSO exists. And the "permanetnt"
> chairs, plus the prvious co-chair and the next co-chair are the best
> adcom we might afford.
I am not agree that a Chair o coChair serving in the Names Council,
also serve in the GA AdCom.  I think this person of the Names Council can
be like a link between Names Council and GA AdCom but without be a member
of the GA AdCom.

> I would also suggest that this would be difficult to implement before
> LA, as it is most unlikley tha the pNC (with p for provisional) deals
> with that but will probably be deferred to the pNC (with p for permanent).
Names Council have the power to deny to the GA an AdCOM?

> Creating more and more layesrs of strucutres not provided in the
> Byalwas and not needed for the proper functioning of the DNSO is not
> advisable in my view.
I don't see the proposal of an AdCom of GA as adding layers.  I see this
as a procedure that can benefit to GA with a better organized GA.  

Best Regards