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[ga] Open and Transparent Democracy


I've put a little demo togther of some online decision making software
i've developed. it is located at http://www.ar.com/otd/html/index.html
the site is designed to aid in the online decision making and consesus
building process.

I have put the following ballots up:
  o WG-C Straw Vote 
  o Meeting Schedule of General Assembly in Los Angeles on November 2 
  o WG-C Principles to Guide ICANN's Delegation of gTLD Management. 

I got all three from mails that have been posted to the list. I hope you
find this a valuable resource, and places let me know if improvements i
can make to the fuctionality of the site.

some of the features are:
   o on-line submission of XML ballots
   o relatime vote analysis and graphs
   o ability to handle comments or questionares.

the site uses javascript heacly so make sure it is turned on in your
browser. If anyone would like some help developing a ballot drop me a note
and i'll encode it in XML for you.