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Re: [ga] Nomination - Declined

At 01:15 PM 29/09/1999 +0100, Dennis Jennings wrote:

>I have decided to focus my (Internet) efforts on the Names Council 
>of the DNSO, on my role as Chairman of CENTR and as a director 
>of CENTR Ltd., and as the Director of the .ie Domain Registry.
Dennis, although I nominated you, I respect your decision. Your presence on
the NC is perhaps even more needed than on the ICANN Board and the change
in the Bylaws does not leave you much choice.
Thank you for considering it.
I hope that those who have supported for this nomination  will transfer
their support to Karl.

--Joop Teernstra LL.M.--  , bootstrap  of
the Cyberspace Association,
the constituency for Individual Domain Name Owners