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Re: [ga] Meeting Schedule of General Assembly in Los Angeles onNovember 2

I prefer the second option myself as well.

On Wed, 29 Sep 1999, Kilnam Chon wrote:

> we have a few choices regarding General Assembly schedule on November 2
> Tuesday in Los Angeles, and i would like to see consensus at General Assembly
> on the schedule soon.  the meeting is only one month away, and people need
> 4 week advance notice. 
> The choices could include;
> 1. Full day General Assembly
> 2. Working Group and Committee meetings in the morning and General Assembly in
>    the afternoon.
> 3. Half day General Assembly in the afternoon.
> i would like to recommend the second option, which give time slot for various
> WGs and Committees.  Constituencies could meet on Monday or even Tuesday
> morning.