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[ga] FW: Proposed Bylaws Amendments Recommended by ICANN Staff

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> -----Original Message-----
> From:	GAETANO, Roberto 
> Sent:	Monday, 27 September 1999 1:41 PM
> To:	'comment-bylaws@icann.org'
> Subject:	Proposed Bylaws Amendments Recommended by ICANN Staff
> I agree with the proposed amendments.
> In particular, about the eligibility of Directors by SOs, I am convinced
> that a member of a Supporting Organization Council that has accepted
> nomination to the BoD shall not participate in the vote.
> Moreover, I would strongly disagree that in this case an "ad hoc"
> substitute could take the place of the incumbent in the Council for the
> voting operations, as accredited rumors assume on the GA mailing list.
> If the Council Member is serious about his/her candidature, he/she should
> resign from the Council, and a new Council member should be elected
> following the normal procedures of the relevant Supporting Organization.
> Keeping the Council seat warm in case of fallback is not a serious
> attitude for somebody that has been nominated to represent the Internet
> Community at the highest level, i.e. in the ICANN Board of Directors.
> Regards
> Roberto Gaetano