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[ga] Comparing Monopolies, ICANN and Microsoft

A Real Monopoly: Boston Globe writer Compares Microsoft and ICANN

"Still, there's something in the American character that winces at the sight of
powerful organizations that exercise vast sway over us, even whent hey are 
indispensable to our high-tech lives. That's why I've been getting so much
hostile e-mail about a different sort of monopoly _ ICANN, or the Internet
Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. "

"But ICANN is not Microsoft. In a sense, it's more powerful. Microsoft's
monopoly isn't airtight. I can always buy a Macintosh or Linux computer. But to
get an InternNet domain name, I'll have to play by the rules of ICANN, a
nonprofit organization that will neverhave any competition at all. As monopolies
go, ICANN may be more worrisome than Microsoft.

It even touches on the inappropriateness of ICANN implementing a mandatory
Uniform Dispute Policy.

Worth the read.

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