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Re: [ga] [resend] STV voting method

Michael Froomkin wrote:
> I would hope that the merits of the speech would be the primary issue, not
> the credentials of the speaker.

The merits, or lack of them, of the speech are inseparable from the
credentials and character of the speaker. That is especially true in
the present instance, since Ms. Porteneuve is not an independent
voice expressing a personally developed point of view on voting, but
rather a member of organization - CORE - which has consistently
manipulated every process it has been involved in, from the
constituencies through the Names Council and the General Assembly,
to the ICANN board itself, in order to defeat fairness and
democratic procedure.

> For the record, I have registered the following domain names in my own
> name, although I hold some in the hopes of perhaps using them for
> organizations rather then personal uses:
> vbank.org
> vfinance.org
> law.tm

Do you use these? Have you invested time and money in their

What is "law.tm" for? 

Are you saving these for re-sale?

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