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Re: [ga] [resend] STV voting method

I would hope that the merits of the speech would be the primary issue, not
the credentials of the speaker.  I prefer arguments from logic to
arguments from authority to 'arguments' from vitriol.

For the record, I have registered the following domain names in my own
name, although I hold some in the hopes of perhaps using them for
organizations rather then personal uses:


These may be viewed as conflicts of interest or sources of interest or (I
hope) irrelevancies.

On Fri, 24 Sep 1999, Michael Sondow wrote:

> Now that the cards are being put on the table, I'll tell you the
> straight dope, Mr. Weinberg, and this goes for Mr. Froomkin as well.
> Your domain names aren't being threatened because you have no domain
> names. You aren't domain name holders, so you have no stake in this
> fight. You aren't stakeholders in this struggle, and so your
> opinions are worthless. 
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