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Re: [ga] [resend] STV voting method

Jonathan Weinberg wrote:
>         I just want to echo Roberto and Michael Froomkin's point (though I
> would have hoped that, by now, it didn't need to be said).  Being the DNSO
> Secretariat is a lot of work and is a royal pain in the neck; it means
> that you get pestered by people like me and abused by people like Michael
> Sondow.

Who is being abused is not Elizabeth Porteneuve but the users of the
Internet and everyone who has followed this process in good faith
only to see it co-opted, usurped, and captured by CORE and its
partner ISOC. Elizabeth Porteneuve is a CORE operative. She has no
business running the DNSO website and using it to manipulate the
DNSO for the benefit of CORE, as she has done, just exactly as was
done with the phoney dnso.org website after their Barcelona
conference last year, and by the same people. The abused are all of
us, the legitimate users and beneficiaries and stakeholders of the
Internet, having our voice silenced by the CORE gang, not Ms.
Porteneuve. She is no good samaritan. She was given the DNSO website
by her colleagues so that she could use it to further their agenda,
and that is what she has done and is still doing.

You, Mr. Weinberg, like certain lawyers at the Berkman Center and
elsewhere, are an apologist for the illegal and reactionary ICANN
board. You helped the DOC develop its scheme for giving power over
the Internet to big business, through ISOC and CORE and the
trademark people. When called to testify, you parrot the same
hypocritical phrases as they, that maybe ICANN isn't perfect but
that we have to live with it, and that all it needs is a little
tweeking to make everything hunkey-dorey. You are on the side of the
enemies of the users of the Internet, who have been betrayed and
thrust aside. You hide in academia, and pretend that academia
absloves you of your sins, but you are really no better than Don
Heath, or Kent Crispin, or Javier Sola.

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