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Re: [ga] United Nations Human Rights - Action on Robert Shaw

On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, Jeff Williams wrote:

> Joe and all,
>   I think it is about time that some action be taken with respect to
> Robert Shaw.  My hope is that they take swift, and drastic action
> with respect to Robert Shaw.

Well Jeff, it is coming along nicely.  I very pleased with the civil
service and it's responses.  It seems to be having some influence on the
DOC.  Some becky person keeps being contacted on this, and i understand
today she's been a bit pesky because of the added pressure on her.

But without pressure there are no results.  And this act has twenty parts.
Look up the Snark and Lewis Carol.  I promiss you this, "Mr. Shaw will
have PCCF ingrained on his brain till the day he dies".  If Mr. Shaw is
incapable of applogising for his slander, then i feel Mr. Shaw is more
then capable of dealing with the process.


> J. Baptista wrote:
> > There has been a recent development with respect to Shaw of ICANN/GAC.  A
> > member of the United Nations has seen fit and right that Mr. Shaw's
> > communications, allegations and lies be forwarded to the respective United
> > Nations Human Rights mechanisms for eventual action.
> >
> > Cheers
> > Joe Baptista
> >
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