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RE: [ga] NC teleconference announcement, September 23rd, 1999

Quick comments on elections.

DNSO Listadmin wrote:
> .......
> > 
>      DNSO Names Council Teleconference on September 23rd, 
> 1999 - agenda
> .......
>   9. Election of ICANN Board Members (20 mins)
>      With participation of Andrew McLaughin
>      Mathematical algorithm for Election of ICANN Board Members
>         o Javier Sola
>           Proposal for election mecanism for ICANN Board Directors
>           http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/NCelection.Javier.html
>         o Denis Jennings
>           Names Council Elections of ICANN Board Members - 
> Process with
>           Expert Advice
>           http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/NCelection.Dennis.html
>         o Berkman Center advise

First of all, I prefer the Dennis Jennings' method.
I believe that the issue of "fair" election has been discussed many times,
and this method looks to me as the "fairest", mainly because it takes into
account not only the first choice, but also the second choice of the

Secondly, I would like the members of the GA to continue not only
nominating, but also continue seconding candidates, even if they have passed
the 10-ballots threshold. I think that this is a unique chance for the
Membership to express their opinions on the different candidates.
I hope also that the members of the Council will not disregard the
indication of the Membership. Even if formally the power of electing will
stay with the Council and not with the GA, I hope that the Council will come
up with choices that have also the "popular" support, and that are not
viewed as the product of an internal choice of the Council "against" the GA.

Best regards