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Re: [ga] nominations & Procmail

Joe and everybody Else,

  I detest using filters of any kind.  But maybe in some 
situations you are right.  These two guys, "William Walsh"
and "Randy Bush" are VERY disturbing.  Just seems to me
that they should get the boot from this lists admin to me
anyway.  They are definate flakes!

In a message dated 99-09-20 02:03:47 EDT, you write:

<< Subj:     Re: [ga] nominations
 Date:  99-09-20 02:03:47 EDT
 From:  baptista@pccf.net (J. Baptista)
 Sender:    owner-ga@dnso.org
 To:    randy@psg.com (Randy Bush)
 CC:    kent@songbird.com (Kent Crispin), ga@dnso.org
 On Sun, 19 Sep 1999, Randy Bush wrote:
 > >> Who is this "Richard" you are replying to, Randy?
 > > Probably Richard Sexton.
 > question is whether he gets paid separately for each identity.  but i
 > really don't care.  as there was no useful content, i took the lazy path
 > and plonked the lot.  procmail is your friend.
 Excellent, don't deal with reality - use procmail instead.  Filter
 yourself to security.
 Joe Baptista
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  David "Dude" Jenson