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[ga] Another sick puppy! List adninistrator please check this out!

William and everybody else,

  WOW!  Is this list filled with deranged folks like this William
Walsh guy, or what?  Does the list administrator ever police
these guys?

In a message dated 99-09-20 01:07:36 EDT, you write:

<< Subj:     Re: [ga] nominations
 Date:  99-09-20 01:07:36 EDT
 From:  dp-lists@dnspolicy.com (William X. Walsh)
 Sender:    owner-ga@dnso.org
 To:    Dnsipv6@aol.com
 CC:    ga@dnso.org, randy@psg.com
 Oh god they are breeding.
 On 20-Sep-99 Dnsipv6@aol.com wrote:
 > Randy and everyone else,
 >   Who is this "Richard" you are replying to, Randy?  I don't
 > see any randy here in this note.  Are you confused or
 > something?
 > In a message dated 99-09-19 22:25:57 EDT, you write:
 > << Subj:     Re: [ga] nominations
 >  Date:  99-09-19 22:25:57 EDT
 >  From:  randy@psg.com (Randy Bush)
 >  Sender:    owner-ga@dnso.org
 >  To:    baptista@pccf.net (J. Baptista)
 >  CC:    fanego@pccf.net (Sr. Francisco Fanego), 
 >  > Is ICANN accountable to me and the internet community - or is it
 >  > accountable to the doc?  If it's accountable to me and the internet
 >  > community, I want to see that accountability in the form of a financial
 >  > statement.
 >  > 
 >  > If ICANN is accountable and run by the DOC, then I have a right to 
 >  > that information via an FOI request.  It damed if you do and damed if 
 >  > don't either way.
 >  Rea
 >  talking to yourself again, richard?  and you still don't make much sense.
 >  i already know more than i care about icann's finances.  the issue to me 
 >  getting enough sane folk on the board to plan and budget sensibly.  and
 >  standing around bitching and moaning does not strike me as a productive 
 >  to do so.  in fact, it seems the opposite, to be distraction action.  but
 >  this is not new for you, is it.
 >  randy
 >   >>
 > David "Dude" Jenson
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