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Re: [ga] nominations

I have seen political figures dish out gruel at the missions, funny I've never
seen them eat what they dish out, same thing goes for Icann when meetings are
held behind everyones back, and of course when it comes to accounting there are
millions of ways to fudge the books, and the only time they say "so sorry" is
when the odd scapegoat is carted off to jail, like tales of things to come,
individuality is equated with greed.When in truth, individuality is not tolerated
in the scapegoat or in the masses at large. Sadly, you may need more than a
monkey wrench to get Icann
to comply now or in the future. Icann may look lively, but it is already begining
to rust and there is a ton of iron, not to mention BS, that is going to take a
long time
to corrode, meanwhile Rome is burning.


"J. Baptista" wrote:

> Randy, it's Joe and Frank here.  I don't see Richard, do you see Richard?
> In any event, it's you maybe happy with icann's finances, I'm not.  I want
> to know why it's costing us 5 million to run a rinky dink operation which
> only requires 600,000/yr.  So if your happy with an operating increase of
> 830% may I suggest you stay out of financial discussions.  I don't think
> your qualified here, the art department is done the hall, engineering in
> the rear.
> Sorry Randy, but this is a critical issue.  5 million today, 500 million
> tommorrow, that is the nature of governing bodies.
> regards
> Joe Baptista
> On Sun, 19 Sep 1999, Randy Bush wrote:
> > > Is ICANN accountable to me and the internet community - or is it
> > > accountable to the doc?  If it's accountable to me and the internet
> > > community, I want to see that accountability in the form of a financial
> > > statement.
> > >
> > > If ICANN is accountable and run by the DOC, then I have a right to access
> > > that information via an FOI request.  It damed if you do and damed if you
> > > don't either way.
> >
> > talking to yourself again, richard?  and you still don't make much sense.
> >
> > i already know more than i care about icann's finances.  the issue to me is
> > getting enough sane folk on the board to plan and budget sensibly.  and
> > standing around bitching and moaning does not strike me as a productive way
> > to do so.  in fact, it seems the opposite, to be distraction action.  but
> > this is not new for you, is it.
> >
> > randy
> >