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Re: [ga] nominations

On 20-Sep-99 J. Baptista wrote:
> On Sun, 19 Sep 1999, William X. Walsh wrote:
>> Yeah, and you're not Jeff Mason either, but you slipped up when sending a
>> post
>> as him earlier and signed off as "Joe."
>> Spare us, you are all a bunch of fakes, and now I know you are as fake as
>> Jeff
>> Williams.
> No.  I in fact am still logged into Jeffs account.  He had difficulty
> unsubscribing from the ga list and I fixed it (I think - there still are
> some ga messages coming through).

Uh-huh.  The message came from Jeff's email address, and it was from him in the
text, but he signed off "regards, joe"  

Sorry, your attempt at explaining it doesn't jive.
> You didn't think I'd write a message using Jeff's identity.  That would be
> wrong.

Face it, its obvious to anyone with any modicum of common sense what is going
on.  This is my last message on the subject, because, as I said, the reality
needs no further justification or proof, it is self explanatory for anyone who
cares enough to take the time to look.

I wonder how many other slip ups one could find if they searched the archives
close enough.  JW sure slips up a lot between his multiple personalities.

Better be more careful from now on when trying to keep up your illusion.

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