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Re: [ga] nominations

Joe and everyone else,

  Isn't ICANN incorporeated in the state of California?  If that is
so, then they are at least accountable to the people of california.

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 Date:  99-09-19 22:25:27 EDT
 From:  baptista@pccf.net (J. Baptista)
 Sender:    owner-ga@dnso.org
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 Is ICANN accountable to me and the internet community - or is it
 accountable to the doc?  If it's accountable to me and the internet
 community, I want to see that accountability in the form of a financial
 If ICANN is accountable and run by the DOC, then I have a right to access
 that information via an FOI request.  It damed if you do and damed if you
 don't either way. >>

David "Dude" Jenson