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Re: [ga] nominations

On Sun, 19 Sep 1999, Randy Bush wrote:

> > Randy, it's Joe and Frank here.  I don't see Richard, do you see Richard?
> yup.  and so does everyone else.  and we smell him too.

does he smell good?

> try a literacy class.  i did not say i was happy with the finances.  your
> assertion is the normal richard distraction action that gives you away.

I'm not richard - honest.  This paranoia must end.

> i said i did not think the problem was the reporting, but with the planning
> and the budgeting.  i suggested a real path toward fixing it.  i will not be
> at all displeased if you do not choose that path, as your company will not
> be missed.

What did you suggest with respect to fixing it?  It may satisfy me.

> clue: i started writing ledger and financial software for major corporations
> over 25 years ago.  the debits are the ones by the door.

Don't take offense, but one should never confuse writing software with
accounting.  I know that for a certainty, I've had to use some of those
programs, you name it, i've seen it, and from a financial point of view,
i've been disappointed from time to time.

Accounting is not only the physical distribution of accounts, it is also
the analysis and employment of accounting controls.  Fiscal responsibility
has yet to be a programming option.

And you know what Randy, in my professional opinion you accounting
programmers have come along way in the past 25 years - so pat yourselves
on the back.  Do it now before the Y2K mob arrives.

Joe Baptista

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