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Re: [ga] nominations

> Randy, it's Joe and Frank here.  I don't see Richard, do you see Richard?

yup.  and so does everyone else.  and we smell him too.

> In any event, it's you maybe happy with icann's finances, I'm not.  I want
> to know why it's costing us 5 million to run a rinky dink operation which
> only requires 600,000/yr.  So if your happy with an operating increase of
> 830% may I suggest you stay out of financial discussions.  I don't think
> your qualified here, the art department is done the hall, engineering in
> the rear.

try a literacy class.  i did not say i was happy with the finances.  your
assertion is the normal richard distraction action that gives you away.

i said i did not think the problem was the reporting, but with the planning
and the budgeting.  i suggested a real path toward fixing it.  i will not be
at all displeased if you do not choose that path, as your company will not
be missed.

clue: i started writing ledger and financial software for major corporations
over 25 years ago.  the debits are the ones by the door.