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Re: [ga] nominations

Randy, it's Joe and Frank here.  I don't see Richard, do you see Richard?

In any event, it's you maybe happy with icann's finances, I'm not.  I want
to know why it's costing us 5 million to run a rinky dink operation which
only requires 600,000/yr.  So if your happy with an operating increase of
830% may I suggest you stay out of financial discussions.  I don't think
your qualified here, the art department is done the hall, engineering in
the rear.

Sorry Randy, but this is a critical issue.  5 million today, 500 million
tommorrow, that is the nature of governing bodies.

Joe Baptista

On Sun, 19 Sep 1999, Randy Bush wrote:

> > Is ICANN accountable to me and the internet community - or is it
> > accountable to the doc?  If it's accountable to me and the internet
> > community, I want to see that accountability in the form of a financial
> > statement.
> > 
> > If ICANN is accountable and run by the DOC, then I have a right to access
> > that information via an FOI request.  It damed if you do and damed if you
> > don't either way.
> talking to yourself again, richard?  and you still don't make much sense.
> i already know more than i care about icann's finances.  the issue to me is
> getting enough sane folk on the board to plan and budget sensibly.  and
> standing around bitching and moaning does not strike me as a productive way
> to do so.  in fact, it seems the opposite, to be distraction action.  but
> this is not new for you, is it.
> randy