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[ga] Some explanations about recording nominations and support

Dear Collegues,

I owe you some explanations about recording nominations and support.
The icann-nominations@dnso.org list is open (anybody can post to)
and moderated, i.e. human being reads and checks messages.

Any message complying to nomination procedures
       Template for nominations and statements of support for a nominee
       Template for acceptance of the nomination
is approved and recorded appropriately.
For any new nomination received I send a request for acceptance
of the nomination to a nominee.

Your support for every nominee is recorded only once, please do
not resent your requests.
It is easier for me to record one message with nomination/support
per one nominee, but I also recorded nomination/support sent for
several nominees in one message.

I had to cope with one case of technical problem. A distant
mail agent do not change Message-Id, when majordomo/mhonarc
system receive several messages from the same sender with
identical Message-Id it records only the first one, and ignores
others. I had to modify by hand and for the purposes of nomination
2 Message-Id's to be able to record it (and I informed the sender).

DNSO Secretariat