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Re: [ga] nominations

> somehow i suspect the zero money the dnso secretariat is payed includes 24
> hour service on weekends.

Agreed, we must thank rather than castigate those who are volunteering
their time.
> if each person complaining would send a $1,000 check...

Well, the DNSO is a structural part of ICANN.

We should not forget that ICANN is pumping between $2000 and $3000 every
day, seven days a week, into its law firm.

Nor should we forget that ICANN is paying its CEO about $600 every day,
seven days a week.

Nor should we forget that ICANN is funding the IANA function to pay for
the IETF's protocol parameter registrations (but at the same time is not
offering to do the same for the other bodies in the PSO.)

This is why one of my own goals, were I to pass through the gauntlet and
be a board member, would be to push for some sane business practices and
cost control measures.

Maybe that way ICANN could afford to pay for some clerical assistance.