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Re: [ga] We "decided" to defer the election of our ICANN board seats

> I disagree. To show you why, let's wait till we have a bit more progress
> in nominating people and us nominated people begin publishing our
> statements. 

(I've got mine prepared and ready to send in as soon as it gets proof

By-the-way, the nominees so far (including yourself) are excellent

What is bothering me is not that we don't come up with good names, but
rather that as a body we have no way to chose "the the best of the best".

We must remember that the GA is the one and only existing body in ICANN
that has an open membership.  And it would be very sad indeed if that one
open body has no means for ranking its preferences.

For example, I'd think the process would be vastly improved if the GA
could take a vote and select the top N nominees.  And I'd continue to
think that even if I were among those who didn't make the grade.