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Re: [ga] nominations

On 18 September 1999, Randy Bush <randy@psg.com> wrote:

>> Are the updates to http://www.dnso.org/dnso-icann-nominees.html getting lost
>> in a cache between dnso.org and here?
>somehow i suspect the zero money the dnso secretariat is payed includes 24
>hour service on weekends.
>if each person complaining would send a $1,000 check to elizabeth, she might
>find a way to alleviate this somewhat.  on the other hand, appearing at work
>to find a lot of bitching and whining does not incline anyone i know to bust
>their butts at even greater speed for no money.

...and somehow, in every DNSO body so far, calling for elections on a
weekend was deemed a Very Bad Thing.  But it's ok for the GA, because we're
just not that important.

Another thing:  I'm sick and tired of people whining, or having people 
whine for them, that they don't have time to keep up with things.  If
this effort is important to them, they'll find time.  Ignoring things like
this election on the basis that, "I don't have enough time" just isn't
a good excuse.  If it matters, you'd find the time.

So here we have the person who the NC appointed to run the election
(without asking the GA, by the way) not keeping up with a very important
aspect of that election.

If it's such a strain on the NC, I'm sure the GA will be happy to run
its own election.

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