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Re: [ga] We "decided" to defer the election of our ICANN board seats

> >>> Yet it seems that certain voices from the NC are trying to elimate the
> >>> GA's voice from the process of selecting the DNSO's board seats.
> >> somehow i am missing those voices
> > The NC's process is one that essentially turns the GA into a nothing more
> > than a secretariat for the collection of names.
> ...
> you misunderstood my message.  what i said, and i'll try more bluntly, is
> that i hear your ranting, fud, and paranoia.  what i don't see first hand
> from the nc is a reasonable cause for the hysteria.

No hysteria, no ranting, no fud.  Rather a simple and reaction of
repugnance at the lack of respect for even the most basic of democratic

The NC's procedure (which, by the way, is in utter violation to the ICANN
bylaws on other grounds) is nothing less than a removal of any
discretionary power from the GA.

Perhaps you like being reduced to a mere clerk under the glorified, but
clearly meaningless title "member of the DNSO General Assembly".  I don't.

> so dunno 'bout you, but i am intending to nominate and select dnso board
> candidates.  your mileage may vary.

You are deceiving yourself if you think you are involved in selecting. All
you are doing is being part of a clerical body, the GA, whose sole role in
all of this is collect names.