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Re: [ga] We "decided" to defer the election of our ICANN board seats

>>> Yet it seems that certain voices from the NC are trying to elimate the
>>> GA's voice from the process of selecting the DNSO's board seats.
>> somehow i am missing those voices
> The NC's process is one that essentially turns the GA into a nothing more
> than a secretariat for the collection of names.


you misunderstood my message.  what i said, and i'll try more bluntly, is
that i hear your ranting, fud, and paranoia.  what i don't see first hand
from the nc is a reasonable cause for the hysteria.

instead of telling me that you want to save me from what those nasty people
want to do to me, i need to believe that they are doing something nasty to
me.  i don't.

when X tells me that they are saving me from Y, i become more suspicious of
X than Y.

so dunno 'bout you, but i am intending to nominate and select dnso board
candidates.  your mileage may vary.