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Re: [ga] Tabulation of Nominations

Since it is now on the DNSO web site
http://www.dnso.org/dnso-icann-nominees.html and being done oficially I
don't intend to do it any more.


Randy Bush wrote:

> > Nominee: Nii Quaynor
> > Accepted Nomination
> > Seconded by: 1.John C Klensin, 2.Diane Cabell, 3.Bill Semich,
> > 4.Alejandro Pisanty, 5.Joe Baptista, 6.Joop Teernstra, 7.Francois
> > Collignon, 8.Doron Shikmoni,
> when the candidate is not self-nominated, you may want to start the
> numbering of the seconds at '1' to be a bit less confusing.
> randy