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Re: [ga] Tabulation of Nominations

John C Klensin wrote:

> Peter,
> I'm confused.  There were several other seconds to Nii's
> nomination.  I actually made the first one, after Randy posted
> his note containing the original nomination.  I have gotten
> several responses to that posting, including Elizabeth's (with
> another second), so I know it went to the list.  Do we have a
> problem somewhere?
>      john

Yes. It got lost in the mail bin  I added your name and Diane Cabell's,
both of which I had missed.  I made the tabulation because I was having
trouble keeping track of the nominees and seconds. My formatting fell
apart, see if this one survives the mail better.

All nominations and seconds should be resent to
icann-nominations@dnso.org. in accordance with
http://www.dnso.org/dnso-icann-nominees.html .

Nominee: Nii Quaynor
Accepted Nomination
Seconded by: 1.John C Klensin, 2.Diane Cabell, 3.Bill Semich,
4.Alejandro Pisanty, 5.Joe Baptista, 6.Joop Teernstra, 7.Francois
Collignon, 8.Doron Shikmoni,

Nominee: Dennis Jennings
Seconded by: 1.Mark C. Langston, 2.Kevin M.Kelly, 3.ChrisStreatfield,
4.Nigel Roberts, 5.Doron Shikmoni

Nominee: Karl Auerbach
Accepted Nomination
Seconded by: 1.Mark C. Langston, 2.Kevin M. Kelly, 3.Alejandro Pisanty,
4.Chris Streatfield,  5.Ellen Rony,  6.Peter R. Rony, 7.Christopher

Nominee: Dan Steinberg
Seconded by: 1.Mark C. Langston, 2.Kevin M.Kelly, 3.Chris Streatfield

Nominee: Alejandro Pisanty