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[ga] Procedures for nomination for the election of ICANN Board Members

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[ The members of the Names Council are requested to forward
[ this announcement to the Constitiencies mailling lists
[ in order to reach all DNSO General Assembly members.

Dear Collegues,

The call for nomination for the election of Members of the 
ICANN Board elected by the DNSO indicates:

    "Nominations, statements of support for a nomination and 
     statements of acceptance must be send by e-mail to

Two templates has been prepared and access to them added on
the http://www.dnso.org main page:
    1. Template for nominations and statements of support for a nominee
    2. Template for acceptance of the nomination

The DNSO Secretariat will request a statement of acceptance
from every nominee for which a nomination has been received 
to icann-nominations@dnso.org list.

All nominations, statements of support for nomination and statements
of acceptance will be published in:
    http://www.dnso.org, item "DNSO nominees and their supports"

DNSO Secretariat
In our effort to reach as many interested parties as possible
we may unavoidably send you more than one copy of this message.
Please accept our apology for this.