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Re: [ga] Second

> I second the nomination of Karl Auerbach. Together with some sand in the
> gears (but you are more like proud of this, hey Karl?) he will bring an
> enlightening broadening of the spectrum of nominees
> (of which there isn't much yet, spectrum ;-)) and valuable insights to the
> Board should he get there.

Thank you for the compliment.  And I do accept the nomination.  I am very,
very honored.

I haven't often been called one who "will bring an enlightening broadening
of the spectrum".  ;-)

However, I do feel that it is a true statement.

And I do hope that, despite my strong advocacy of "the little guy" in the
net that I do not give the impression that I am forgetting that there are
many points of view and many needs to be met.  I am myself a trademark
owner, an attorney interested in intellectual property, an ex-small
business person, and a stockholder and employee in a major internet
company (Cisco).  So I have a very direct financial and personal stake in
making sure that the Internet works for everybody, everywhere.

(Sand in the gears, hmmm -- someday I'll have to tell you how I got a
Timex watch to stop ticking. ;-)

I'm happy to post a backgrounder (or URL to one) if folks think that such
would be useful.

Again, thank you.