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Re: [ga] Nomination of Nii Quaynor

Hi Joe,

I will appreciate your support note independently.

However, please, recall that I gave the IDNO the time when it was not on the
agenda and got a resolution for you. This was largely the drive of the
NCDNHC. You ought to be grateful. IDNO gained something at Santiago due to

On the issue of pressure from lawyers you referred to, you need to be more
specific on the decision ( very little decisions from the chair), the
change, the motion, the vote, your silence till now etc. Lets not forget
that the lawyers are part of the GA.


>On Fri, 17 Sep 1999, Dr. Nii N. Quaynor wrote:
>> >
>> >I have no issue with Quaynor's nomination.  I am concerned that he not
>> >allow himself ever to be bullied by the lawyers.  The IDNO/ICANN scandal
>> >in Santiago in which he lost control is the reference I'm reffering to.
>> >
>> The challenge of the Chair of a complex organization such as the GA is
>> to take sides but allow allsides to be heard, including the lawyers in
>> DNSO. Sometimes to be in-control is not to directly control but to
>> coordinate. I wonder the scandal in reference, however.
>Please do not misunderstand me.  I am not against your nomination, in fact
>I support it.  And I understand the complexities of chairing, and the
>issue of not taking sides.  No objection on that.
>My concern was when you made a decision, and then the lawyers forced you
>to reconsider.  When a chair makes a decision, it's final.
>I completely understand the pressures you were under.  I was annoyed by
>the fact a decision was reached by the assembly, and under Robert's that
>should have been it, as respect the IDNO vote.  But the lawyers forced the
>chair to reconsider the motion made and voted on.  The scandal is the fact
>it happened.
>Joe Baptista
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