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[ga] Results from the NC telecon held on September 15th, 1999

[To: council@dnso.org]
[Cc: announce@dnso.org, ga@dnso.org]

[from http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/19990915.NCtelecon-minutes.html]


    DNSO Names Council Teleconference on September 15th, 1999 - results

September 16, 1999.

Proposed agenda and related documents:


Adopted agenda:

  1. Election of ICANN Board Members
  2. Election of Permanent Names Council Members
  3. WG-D Report
  4. Schedule of Meetings In LA (delayed to September 23rd)
  5. The DNSO Business Plan and Budget (delayed to September 23rd)

   * Amadeu's motion on DN warehousing (postponed to Sep 23rd)

Next telecon will be held on September 23rd, same time.
The Chair will be Dennis Jennings (ccTLD)

List of attendees:

   Tony Harris             ISPCP
   Hirofumi Hotta          ISPCP
   Michael Schneider       ISPCP             absent
   Jon Englund             Business          absent
   Javier Sola             Business
   Theresa.Swinehart       Business          left after item(3)
   Amadeu Abril i Abril    Registrars
   Ken Stubbs              Registrars
   Richard Lindsay         Registrars
   Don Telage              gTLD              left after item(3)
   Ted Shapiro             IP                absent
   Caroline Chicoine       IP                absent
   Jonathan Cohen          IP                replaced by Victoria Carrington
   Dennis Jennings         ccTLD
   Patricio Poblete        ccTLD
   Nigel Roberts           ccTLD             left in the middle item(1)
   Raul Echeberria         NCDNH
   Kathryn Kleiman         NCDNH             absent
   Youn Jung Park          NCDNH
   Ben Edelman             Berkman Center, webcast
   Elisabeth Porteneuve    DNSO Secretariat

Chair Dennis Jennings (ccTLD)

Quorum present

  1. Election of ICANN Board Members


       a. timescale
       b. nominations
       c. elections (electorate, election administrator, results)
       d. mathematical algorithm to be used
       e. geographic diversity
       f. anticipation of incompatibility between NC and ICANN Board

     Decisions and actions:

        * Decision 1:

          The 3 ICANN Board directors from the DNSO shall be elected no
          later than October 15th, 1999. The call for nominations shall be
          published on the dnso.org website and sent to the General Assembly
          no later than September 17. The nomination process will open on
          September 18, and will last for 3 weeks ending October 8th. The
          vote will last for one week, starting October 9th and ending
          October 16th. The exact hour will be given by the DNSO

        * Decision 2:

          Javier Sola and the DNSO Secretariat (Elisabeth Porteneuve) will
          prepare the call for nominations. Each candidate shall answer a
          set of questions, and be supported by at least 10 persons from the
          General Assembly.

        * Decision 3:

          The DNSO secretariat is in charge of elections, and will announce
          the results.

        * Decision 4:

          The General Assembly of the DNSO includes:
            1. members of all 7 DNSO Constituencies
            2. members of both General Assembly (ga@dnso.org) and Announce
               (announce@dnso.org) mailing lists

          Members of WG's lists who are neither members of any Constituency
          nor subscribers to any of the above mailing lists shall subscibe
          to any of them, if they wish to participate in elections.

          As the Announce and General Assembly list are open, anybody wishing
          to participate in the election process may subscribe to one of
          these lists and be considered a member of the General Assembly.

        * Decision 5:

          The DNSO secretariat will set up adequate mailing lists for the
          voting. Votes will remain secret during voting time, but
          afterwards all records will be made public.

        * Decision 6:

          The choice of the mathematical algorithm to be used remain pending
          until the next NC telecon, September 23rd. All proposed algorithms
          will be published on the website. The algorithm proposed by Javier
          will be accepted if no other proposal is approved by the Names
          Council by September 23rd.

          The Berkman Center is requested to provide advice.

        * Decision 7:

          The geographic diversity of elected directors shall be based on
          the ICANN Bylaws, i.e. the criteria of citizenship.

        * Decision 8:

          It is anticipated that the geographic diversity of the ICANN Board
          as a whole shall start with the geographic diversity of members
          elected by its SOs.

        * Decision 9:

          It is anticipated that there is an incompatibility between NC and
          ICANN Board positions if held by the same person. The candidates
          for ICANN Board elections being members of the DNSO NC shall state
          if they will resign if elected to the ICANN Board.

  2. Election of Permanent Names Council Members


       a. timescale
       b. only the permanent NC members will be allowed to vote for the
          ICANN Board members
       c. feedback from Constituencies concerning waivers and elections for
          permanent NC members is necessary for the DNSO as a whole
       d. ICANN Bylaws shall be respected

     Decisions and actions:

        * Action 1:

          The Constituencies' elections for the permanent NC members shall
          be held before the elections for the ICANN Board Members.

        * Action 2:

          The Constituencies shall provide the current status of elections
          to the 'council@dnso.org' list before the next NC telecon,
          September 23rd.

          The Constituencies shall provide information as to whether they
          comply to the ICANN Bylaws regarding geographic diversity and
          whether they intend to request a waiver from the ICANN Board
          before the next NC telecon, September 23rd.

  3. WG-D Report


       a. report on gTLDs is mandatory (White Paper, ICANN mandate)
       b. gTLDs is a very controversial subject requiring a high
       c. the WG-C shall provide a report for October 15th

     Decisions and actions:

        * Decision 1:

          WG-D report is accepted

        * Action 1:

          WG-C is expected to provide a report for October 15th


                      Information from:   DNSO Names Council