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GA Nomination Process (was: Re: [ga] We "decided" to...)

> I believe that, if we want to adhere to the spirit of the Bylaws, we have to
> provide for the GA a "real" role to play.
> For instance, a debate on the GA like in every electoral campaign, or even a
> pronouncement of the GA on the names.
> What I am thinking of is much like a "primary" round (much like the US
> Presidential elections) where you have a first screening of the candidates
> (lawyers, please follow up on this with concrete proposals if you find it
> worthed).

Roberto --

A very intriguing idea worth exploring a bit. We could retain the idea
that 10 supporting nominations get a candidate on the initial ballot,
but then have a nomination vote or referendum to forward the nominations
to the NC.

The idea could be that the top __ vote recipients get forwarded to the
NC as the GA nominees, or the top vote recipients from each geographic
region get forwarded, etc.

Or we could have a simple non-binding referendum on the candidates as a
means of showing the NC where there is support and where there is not.
IMHO, the NC would have great political difficulty electing a candidate
who had performed poorly in a GA referendum.

   -- Bret