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RE: [ga] We "decided" to defer the election of our ICANN board se ats


You wrote:
> But one could jsut as easily argue that the organizations and 
> corporations
> have the potential for undue accumulation of power in this 
> manner as well.
> Whereas an IDNO would be prevented from voting in the GA if 
> she votes in
> the constituency, an organization or corporation, while not 
> being able to
> have its voting constituency representative also vote in the 
> GA, would be
> able to choose another member to join the GA as an 
> individual, yet vote
> the will of the organization.  An IDNO has no such option.  This would
> lead to the stuffing of the GA by organizations and corporations, to
> the further detriment of the IDNO.

First of all, I am in favour of letting the individual (or Corporation
official) vote both in the Constituency (as a member of the Constituency)
*and* the GA (as an individual).

OTOH, your reasonment about organizations having the possibility of asking
somebody else to vote at the GA holds also for individual Domain Name
owners: they can ask a friend, that does not have a Domain Name, but just a
free E-Mail account on HotMail, to vote at the GA.