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Re: [ga] We "decided" to defer the election of our ICANN board se ats

On 16 September 1999, R.Gaetano@iaea.org wrote:

>Just to get things straight, and trying to avoid misunderstandings, I
>believe that we need:
>- an individual DNH constituency
>- clear definition (and separation) of the roles of constituencies and GA


>This said, if an individual or entity qualifies for both, he/she/it is
>entitled to both, without this being necessarily unfair.
>An individual can be a voting member of the IDNH constituency and a voting
>member of the GA, as well as the Management Body of a corporation can have a
>vote in the constituency/ies it belongs to and the individual(s) composing
>it can have a vote in the GA.
>I don't consider this unfair, as long as the roles designed for the GA and
>constituencies are clearly defined, but I can accept that somebody else
>could consider this an undue accumulation of power, therefore wanting to
>avoid that whoever has a vote in a constituency (individual or spokesperson
>of an organization) does not have also a vote in the GA.

But one could jsut as easily argue that the organizations and corporations
have the potential for undue accumulation of power in this manner as well.
Whereas an IDNO would be prevented from voting in the GA if she votes in
the constituency, an organization or corporation, while not being able to
have its voting constituency representative also vote in the GA, would be
able to choose another member to join the GA as an individual, yet vote
the will of the organization.  An IDNO has no such option.  This would
lead to the stuffing of the GA by organizations and corporations, to
the further detriment of the IDNO.

The voice of individuals is already a whisper next to the roar of the
monied interests; to allow something like this would be to silence that
voice altogether.

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