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RE: [ga] We "decided" to defer the election of our ICANN board se ats


You wrote:
> This seems to me to be saying that those in constituencies can do
> exactly what Kent was arguing against as unfair.  So, either 
> it is unfair,
> or Mr. Crispin was trying to spread FUD about the potential power
> individuals have in this framework.

My opinion is that there is a third possibility.

Just to get things straight, and trying to avoid misunderstandings, I
believe that we need:
- an individual DNH constituency
- clear definition (and separation) of the roles of constituencies and GA

This said, if an individual or entity qualifies for both, he/she/it is
entitled to both, without this being necessarily unfair.
An individual can be a voting member of the IDNH constituency and a voting
member of the GA, as well as the Management Body of a corporation can have a
vote in the constituency/ies it belongs to and the individual(s) composing
it can have a vote in the GA.
I don't consider this unfair, as long as the roles designed for the GA and
constituencies are clearly defined, but I can accept that somebody else
could consider this an undue accumulation of power, therefore wanting to
avoid that whoever has a vote in a constituency (individual or spokesperson
of an organization) does not have also a vote in the GA.

Incidentally, Kent and myself disagree on the need for a constituency for
individuals, but up to now we managed to handle this disagreement without
accusing eachother of spreading FUD.

BTW, I think that the gordian knot in this story is the ICANN at-large
membership, its composition and size, not the DNSO-GA assembly, that we can
all live with very easily in a broad range of different hipothesis and
In other words, I would not be worried of the powers of the DNSO-GA added
with the powers of the DNSO-Constituencies, but I *do* am worried about the
(not defined yet) mechanism that will allow almost half of the board to be
elected by a group of people relatively small in comparison with the
population of the Internet. How to make sure that this group is
representative? Not captured by some interest? Not controlled by a vocal
minority? And so on.


P.S.: I thought fair to put Kent explicitely in copy, as we are talking
about him ;>)