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RE: [ga] We "decided" to defer the election of our ICANN board seats


You wrote:
> Roberto:
> > 
> >Also, I can understand that somebody may be willing to avoid 
> receiving the
> >traffic (and noise) of a public list like the GA, but I 
> don't think that
> >somebody that is not even subscribed to the GA-announce is 
> showing great
> >interest in the DNSO (personal feeling only, of course).
> Hold on!!!!  You cannot judge a person because such person is 
> not suscribed
> in GA lists.  Don't you think that such person is enough 
> interested already
> if such person/organization is participating in a constituency???

I knew this was going to raise comments ;>).

I am not judging. I am very reactive to my personal feelings, and this makes
me a very bad judge. So, I don't indulge in this exercise.

I am just saying that somebody that risks to miss an important annuncement
by not subscribing to a list that produces more or less one message per week
is not giving me the feeling of being deeply involved.

Anyway, maybe I can state the problem in practical terms.
Who is a GA member?

We have defined this already as "whoever is either subscribed to the GA or
subscribed to the GA-announce".
For nomination purposes, we say: "whoever is either subscribed to GA,
subscribed to GA-announce, or member of a constituency".
This means, to me, GA-members plus constituency members.
It is not difficult to predict that this is likely to raise endless
discussions about the constituencies trying to interfere with the GA (that
should have had the power of nominating, while the constituencies via the
Council had the power of electing), while the whole thing can be solved by
subscribing to a (useful and) low-traffic list by the few members of the
constituencies that are not willing to read all the GA traffic.  

Just a way of avoiding problems, instead of being forced to overcome them
later on.