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RE: [ga] We "decided" to defer the election of our ICANN board seats


>I am just puzzled on how we are going to "verify" that somebody is a member
>of a constituency.
It can be verified asking directly to such constituencies. 
I know this process will need a lot of patience, but...it is needed to
do if you are concerned about such verification.

>Wouldn't it be much simpler if the members of the constituencies joined at
>least the GA-announce list?
Of course, also. But sometimes there is people that doesn't have time to
read many lists at the same time.  

>Also, I can understand that somebody may be willing to avoid receiving the
>traffic (and noise) of a public list like the GA, but I don't think that
>somebody that is not even subscribed to the GA-announce is showing great
>interest in the DNSO (personal feeling only, of course).
Hold on!!!!  You cannot judge a person because such person is not suscribed
in GA lists.  Don't you think that such person is enough interested already
if such person/organization is participating in a constituency???

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