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Re: [ga] the DNSO website

At 10:42 AM 13/09/1999 +0000, Dr. Nii N. Quaynor wrote:
>>I am dismayed that this General Assembly has not only had its consensus
>>snubbed by the Board in Santiago by having its resolutions ignored, but
>>also that those who run the DNSO website have not found it necessary to
>>even mention these resolutions.
>The GA consensus resolutions are for the NC's consideration. 

Dear Nii,

There has been a great deal of debate about the proper role of the GA
taking place in WG-D.
First of all I should thank you for the job as chair that you fulfilled in
Santiago and for the generous 3 minutes extension you allowed the GA to
give me for my presentation.

Hence lets be
>careful not to blame ICANN Board so quickly. IMHO consistent non-positive
>reactions to DNSO and ICANN makes it difficult for the IDNO to gain its
>deserved support.
Your opinion may be correct, Nii.
I am grateful that the GA gave me its support on the IDNO for the inherent
merits of the principle and  not for the niceness of the presenter.
My criticism of the DNSO webpage should be seen as constructive: I wish to
add the GA's resolutions to it.  In Berlin, I made a point of offering
Elisabeth my free assistance with the website.

However, I'm sure you understand that it is very difficult to remain
"nice", when your honest and important effort is treated with so much
disdain or even hostility. 
I mentioned anger in my presentation to the GA. There was frustration after
Singapore,  anger after Berlin. It has only increased. As an elected
representative of the IDNO, it is my duty to report on it.
Why should I hide it?

>Your point above could have been stated in a much more constructive way and
>you would have gained most people's support.
Do you mean "most people" on the NC? Or on the Board?

I *had* the support of most people in the GA and I see no reason why I
should have lost that with an acid but constructive remark about the DNSO

In the meantime I go on being constructive. We are constructing a solid
bottom-up agreed Charter for the IDNO and we continue our outreach using
the resources of networking rather than throwing money at it. 
 It is transparant and it works. 
Many GA members on this list would be willing to help with it. Positively.