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Re: [ga] the DNSO website

Siegfried Langenbach wrote:
> Dear Joop,
> you are not exactly correct :-)
> The Board has _not_ ignored the resolution of the GA.
> The resolution was that the board should _concider_ your application again,
> which was done. I was present , as you where.

Enough sophistry! Enough newspeak! Enough semantic tricks! You, Mr. 
Langenbach, are a member of the CORE directorate and, as such, have
been a major influence stopping the mouths of the users. You pretend
that the ICANN board has heeded the wishes of the General Assembly,
the only body in ICANN even resembling a membership? We can see now
why the Membership Advisory Committee's work on the At-Large
membership has come to nothing, with people like you running that

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