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Re[6]: [IDNO-DISCUSS] RE: [ga] BIND 1999 Survey and ICANN Support (fwd)

Thursday, September 09, 1999, 8:13:06 AM, Jeff Mason <pccf@bigbird.earth-net.net> wrote:

>> In any event, since you are now posting here as well, I've added this
>> list to my filtering of you and Baptista.  I will not waste my time,
>> or the time of others, with people who endorse, condone, or
>> participate in the behavior and manner of discourse you have been
>> engaged in.

> Good.  I disagree with the entire diatribe you wrote.  And disagree with
> what you have said that you don't waste time.  You do waste time, you
> waste my time, you write planet communication constantly, but use mail
> filters to prevent replies.  And you bother us on the telephone alot.

Now you tell lies.  I attempted to call you ONCE about the unlawful
framed link of my website.  I do NOT email you constantly, I emailed
ONCE about the removal, other than that I responded only to your
emails.  So do not spread any more lies and misinformation.

> I'll go further.  Remember the PCCF meeting.html file you got so hot and
> bother over.  We review our logs William.  You spent 3 hours on two
> separate days attempting to reprogram your cgi-bin, and failed.

Actually, I succeeded.  Quite nicely.  The only time it fails is if
someone goes directly to that page, but I have a java programmer
working on that.  Since visitors to that page start at another page,
it works quite nicely for most instances.

> You've become the horses ass at PCCF because everyone here knows you waste
> time, including your own.  Example, that meeting.html page at PCCF has not
> received any hits since the santiago meetings, it was unlinked.  Yet you
> spend two days making issue of it and three hours trying to deal with it.

Great.  Too bad you were reasonable enough to remove a framed link.
This was a reasonable request, with a strong basis.  You are the one
who chose to make it an issue.  Not me.  I merely asserted my right to
not have you framing my pages inside of your website, as a direct
result of the fact that I do not want my site to appear in any way to
be affiliated with your organization and its activities.

> It's all at our website - including visitation logs.

Yes, and it was from my own logs that I found the link, that clearly
showed visits to my site originating from your framed pages.

> As for you statement I'm making naughty comments to you.  I charge you
> with sexual discrimination.  If I want to play drag queen with you at the
> appropriate time, them I will.

> I'm not calling you naughty names.  Like you to to JeffW.  I call you
> baby, and honey.  Terms of sexual endearment between homosexuals.  If your
> too red neck to deal with that, then honey put on your high heals and
> walk.

> If you want me to treat you with respect, then start behaving.

I am not the one misbehaving.

You only show your inability to participate in reasonable discourse by
these actions, by all means, please continue to do so, you only make
my case for moderation stronger.

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