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Re[4]: [ga] the DNSO website

Wednesday, September 08, 1999, 11:52:54 PM, R.Gaetano@iaea.org <R.Gaetano@iaea.org> wrote:

> Folks,

> As a non-native English speaker ;>), I believe that there is a difference
> between "consider" and "approve".
> You may "consider" something, and decide not to "approve" it.
> THe Board "considered" the application, voted on it, and (unfortunately) did
> not "approve" it.

Roberto, with all due respect, the board never voted on approval or
disapproval.  The vote was confined to the subject of delaying

> This said, I am with Joop in asking that more publicity on the DNSO Web site
> be granted to the efforts in building an individual DN constituency.

> Regards
> Roberto

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