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[ga] BIND 1999 Survey and ICANN Support (fwd)


Just in case this was missed since the ga list was down - I'm reposting it
as it applies as notice to ga.  I also don't think the idno got it so am
mailing to them too.

Joe Baptista

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1999 13:21:01 -0400 (EDT)
From: J. Baptista <baptista@pccf.net>
To: General Assembly of the DNSO <ga@dnso.org>
Subject: BIND 1999 Survey and ICANN Support (fwd)

A list of groups identified as having an interest in our bind99 database
are listed at the following schedule.  


Formal notice will be provided to group representatives later this month.

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Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1999
From: J. Baptista
To: Sr. Francis Fanego
Subject: BIND 1999 Survey and ICANN Support

September 6, 1999

Internet Business Associates Group
Camino de leganes, Mostoles
Madrid Spain					via email

Attn: Sr. Francis Fanego

Dear Sr. Fanego:

	RE:	BIND 1999 Survey and ICANN Support

  I am following up our telephone conversation of today's date with
respect to the BIND 1999 survey and audit of the global domain name

  To date we have enumerated 224,000 domain name servers and 110,000 
hostmaster records.  22,000 or 10% of the servers enumerated are 
vulnerable to bind attacks as per the CERT Coordination Center advisories 
CA-96.02.bind, CA-97.22.bind and CA-98.05.bind_problems.  The United
States Department of Defense (DOD) operates fifteen of these servers.  As
you know we have contacted the DOD on numerous occasions but have had
limited success in resolving those security issues.  Five servers appear
to have been upgraded but the remainder is still vulnerable to the hack.

  I will make one more attempt to notify the U.S. military and the 
hostmasters of record that these security issues exist and should be 
immediately fixed.  If the DOD fails to upgrade and correct the problems 
within a respectable period, then I see no reason to further delay 
publication of the database.  I advise we give them a month's grace before 
initiating public access.

  With respect to your directions that we use the BIND 1999 database to
provide ICANN and the DNSO with assistance and support in organizing
stakeholder consensus.  I can report that we will be in a position to
initiate your directives this October.  I will proceed to contact ICANN
and the DNSO general assembly and advise them of your generous
contribution to their effort.

  Furthermore, in accordance with your instructions, I will also initiate
contact with existing root server confederations.  I will ask them to
participate with ICANN and the DNSO in promoting their respective concerns
to the dns hostmasters of record who control the root.cache files.

  I hope this meets with your approval and should you have any question or
concerns please advise.

  In closing, I would like to thank IBAG's membership for supporting PCCF
and the NSOA in our goal of achieving a secure Internet.    

J. Baptista, Director

Planet Communication & Computing Facility           baptista@pccf.net
Public Access Internet Research Publisher           1 (212) 894-3704 ext. 1033