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Re: [ga] Clarification: "Ad Hoc Group"

OK good - I'm very concerned about any moves by icann to start taxing the
infrastructure.  Theres already been a considerable amount of damage done
to their reputation over taxing domains, not everyone has a domain - but
everyone has to use an ip number.

Jeff Mason

Planet Communication & Computing Facility           pccf@bigbird.earth-net.net
Public Access Internet Research Publisher           1 (212) 894-3704 ext. 1033

On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, John C Klensin wrote:

> --On Tuesday, 31 August, 1999, 15:14 -0400 Planet Communications
> Computing Facility <pccf@bigbird.earth-net.net> wrote:
> > Now answer my question - what exactly is being discussed and
> > do you intend to discuss the taxing of ip number.
> Jeff, I'm not part of the group that proposed that ad hoc.
> Please don't kill the messenger.  I argued in Santiago for a
> public statement of exactly what they proposed to look at before
> they got started, and for public review of that statement.   I
> think we will get at least the statement.  I didn't hear any
> discussion of taxing anything, but precisely the reason for
> asking for a scope statement is to understand what this group
> intends to address and either alleviate or address any concerns
> about that early on.
> > Don't play drag queen with me.  I want answers not flaming
> > behaviour.
> I have no idea what drag queens have to do with this.  And, if I
> ever flame you, you will know it.
>      john