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Re: [ga] Clarification: "Ad Hoc Group"

--On Tuesday, 31 August, 1999, 13:47 -0400 "Bret A. Fausett"
<baf@fausett.com> wrote:

> Does anyone know what this is? what problem it was formed to
> solve? what  issues it will address?

It is a set of ASO-related issue relative to long-term future
evolution of the address space and allocation policies.  The
DNSO should not be impacted (probably fortunate, as it seem to
have enough on its hands).  Based on discussions at the meeting,
the next step should be an in-depth draft scope/ mission
statement to be prepared by those who have advocated the ad hoc
effort.  That statement should give a more comprehensive and
more precise answer to your second and third questions than I
believe anyone could give you today.  My personal hope is that
the draft statement will be posted for public comment and review
before the members of the ad hoc are fully appointed and that
group settles down to work.