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[ga] Clarification: "Ad Hoc Group"

Does anyone know what this is? what problem it was formed to solve? what 
issues it will address?

      -- Bret

>Formation of Ad Hoc Group
>RESOLVED [99.__] that the Interim President and CEO, working with Director 
>Kraaijenbrink, is directed to establish an ad hoc group to be charged with 
>developing the objectives and proposing structures for future policies in 
>the area of numbering, especially as required to meet global market needs 
>and taking into account the convergence of information technology services 
>and networks. The group will include representatives of businesses, 
>including telecom operators and Internet service providers and trade 
>organizations, the ASO Council, the ICANN Board, and other legitimately 
>interested parties. The group will present an interim report before the 
>second ICANN public meeting in 2000. A final report from the ad hoc group 
>will be presented to the ICANN Board prior to the Annual Meeting in 2000.