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[ga] Re: [IFWP] Re: [IDNO-DISCUSS] icann.edleman.19990819 / Access to ICANN Santiago real video feed (fwd)

Jeff Mason wrote:
> On Sun, 22 Aug 1999, Ben Edelman wrote:
> > I must say, I think these fields are exceptionally 
> reasonable -- each
> > justified for a legitimate logistical reason, with privacy 
> policies clearly
> > stated on the sign-in form itself.  Nonetheless, if there are
> > counterarguments re why the above should be done 
> differently (or not at all,
> > I suppose...), I'd be open to hearing them, on or off-list.
> Well you see that's the point.  Logistal reason.  And you 
> post first name
> and last name information of the participants.
> Privacy law certains around an individuals "right to 
> privacy".  If ICANN
> were a commercial organizations, and even a standard non profit
> organization, such rights would not apply.  But ICANN 
> represents a very
> large constituency, and if must respect establish privacy law and
> proceedures.
> The fact you disclose and have a privacy statement is 
> irrelevant.  As a
> democratic NGO, ICANN must understand individual have the 
> right to decline
> providing any information.  And just entering junk into the 
> fields is not
> enough, they must have the right to decline any contribution 
> of personal
> information, a right to decline.  ICANN has no established privacy
> guidelines of any value - understandably - the organization 
> is young.  But
> the issues bear some urgency in consideration.
> Regards
> Jeff Mason

I am surprised on how this can become an issue.

Who wants to maintain privacy can give a fake name and company, like, for
instance, "Jeff Williams - INEG".
I don't think that the Berkman Center will ask for IDs or electronic
signature ;>). In fact, I assume that they can leave the fields blank, if
they wish.

OTOH, people that want to identify themselves are welcome to do it.

Even comments to the USG Green + White Papers were "signed", identifying the
user. And I may assume that USG can be considered a NGO ;>).