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[ga] RE: [IFWP] ANNOUNCE: ICANN-Santiago Remote Participation

On Sun, 22 Aug 1999, Ben Edelman wrote:
> That said, there will be two new rules about remote comments.  First, that
> no comment can be longer than a length still to be decided but likely about
> 250 words.  We don't intend to be mean about this -- but longer comments are

So long as the same rule is imposed on physically present speakers, I have
no major objection.  

I do fear that the consequence is that you will have "questions" over
reasoned debate.  As a result, measuring "consensus" coming out of such a
process becomes ever more problematic....I'm not sure, though, I have a
better alternative (again, assuming the same process applies to the
physically present).

Since written comments including those unread will, I gather, be
world-readable, I guess people can give URLs for more detailed stuff if
they need to.

> In conclusion: We're trying, folks!  I'm working about as hard as I can
> here -- did email for quite literally two hours a day while on "vacation"

As usual I give the Berkman team near-perfect marks.  You guys should pat
yourselves on the back a few times.  I wish I could say the same for

One stray thought: how about having a few emails selected at random, just
to blunt charges of selection bias?

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